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  • • Facials• Facials
    • Sari Ayu Facial

      Deep cleansing facial using essences of rose, ylang - ylang and lemon, depending on your skin type. Includes a face massage and skin-conditioning mask.

      1 hour | Rp231,000

    • Biokos Seaweed Facial

      This deep cleansing facial ends with a special mask using ingredients from the sea. Excellent to hydrate dry, mature skin.

      1 hour | Rp231,000

    • Vitamin C Facial

      In this facial we use ampoules of vitamin C (fruit acid) to gently exfoliate the skin, followed by a highly effective thermal mask used to reduced the appearance of wrinkles leaving skin visibly refreshed and younger.

      1 hour | Rp495,000

    • Biokos Aloe Vera Facial

      This facial was specially designed for after sun exposure. Aloe vera is known for its cooling properties and to prevent skin damage due to burns.

      1 hour | Rp231,000

    • New: Bio-Lifting Facial

      This new 100% natural face lift recovers the appearance of younger, firmer, more luminous skin. This approach improves texture and tone by stimulating circulation and infusing the skin with vitamins and minerals. Amazing result lines and wrinkles are reduced.

      1 hour | Rp495,000

    • Bodyworks Anti-Aging Facial

      This luxurious facial is focused on regenerating dehydrated, tired and dull complexion using micro, galvanic and ozone therapy. With a soothing collagen boosting eye treatment,this facial will leave your skin glowing and luminous.

      1.5 hours | Rp800,000

  • • Natural Nail Care• Natural Nail Care
    • Bodyworks Manicure

      A luxurious and thorough manicure with expert treatment from the cuticle to tip of your nails, our manicure also includes a hand and arm massage to improve circulation. Nails are shaped to your taste, polished to perfection and finished with a clear top-coat for lasting shine.


    • OPI Gel Manicure


    • OPI Gel Pedicure


    • Take Off Gel


    • French Manicure

      Enjoy all the benefits of the Bodyworks manicure ending with polish au-nature.


    • Flower Manicure

      Enjoy all the benefits of the Bodyworks manicure with ending with the application of delicate flower motifs to the nail surface.


    • Sports Manicure

      A polish free pedicure using nail buffers to give the nails a high gloss shine. Buffing also rids the nail surface of jagged edges and unsightly ridges. Buffing is also reported to stimulate the growth of healthier nails. A perfect treatment for men.

      Sports Manicure | Rp115,500

      Polish Change with color | Rp66,000

      Polish Change with french | Rp77,000

      Polish Change with flower | Rp88,000

    • Bodyworks Pedicure

      A thorough pedicure to clean toes and remove dead skin cells from the soles of your feet. Toenails are treated from the cuticle to the tip, your pedicure also includes a relaxing foot massage. Nails are shaped to your taste, polished to perfection and finished with a clear top-coat for lasting shine. A luxurious and enjoyable treat for the feet!

      Bodyworks Pedicure | Rp165,000

      French Pedicure | Rp187,000

      Flower Pedicure | Rp198,000

    • Sports Pedicure

      A perfect treatment for men. A polish free pedicure, using nail buffers to give the toenails a high gloss shine. Buffing also rids the nail surface of jagged edges and unsightly ridges. Buffing is also reported to stimulate the growth of healthier nails. For your protection, all implements are thoroughly sanitized and sterilized with the same procedures as in an operation room.

      Sports Pedicure | Rp143,000

    • Polish change gel


  • • Massages• Massages
    • Full Body Massage with hot shower

      Enjoy fifty minutes of massage, using blends of essential oils from Indonesian spices and flowers. Our massage therapists incorporate a variety of techniques to relax every day muscular tensions, aches and pains. A planet away from the Bali beach massage. End the massage with a hot shower.

      1 hour | Rp275,000

    • Full Body Massage with flower-filled bath

      This is a longer massage that gives the therapist more time to work on and deeply relax specific areas of tension and stress. This treatment ends with a soak in a warm, fragrant, flower-filled bath.

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp355,000

    • Exfoliation Massage (Mandi Lulur)

      This treatment begins with an hour-long Balinese massage, then the entire body is painted in a brown, granular paste (the traditional Javanese “lulur”), containing turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts and rice. The paste is then gently rubbed to exfoliate the skin. After a quick shower the body is covered in fresh yoghurt. The enzymes stimulates cell activity and restores th pH balance of the skin, which feels soft as silk after the yoghurt is washed away. The final step involves luxuriating in a warm, fragrant, flower-filled bath.

      2 hours | Rp495,000

    • Thai Massage

      A Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than other classic forms of massage. Also known as Thai Yoga massage, as the therapist will use her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. The treatment is followed by a relaxing soak in a warm, flower filled bath.

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp418,000

      2 hours | Rp512,000

    • Shiatzu Massage

      Our Shiatzu massage is a traditional Japanese finger pressure massage, using slow, deep penetration of key points along the acupunture meridians. The dispersing of excess or blocked energy can promote circulation to deficient or under active areas, stimulate the immune system and restore balance. The treatment is followed by a relaxing soak in a warm, flower filled bath.

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp418,000

    • Aromatherapy Massage

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp385,000

    • Hot Stone therapy Massage

      Hot Stone therapy is a powerful massage technique that involves heated riverbed stones. The effects of this ancient form of healing have been proven to release tension in muscles, increase blood circulation, trigger relaxation response in the nervous system and restore fluidity to the connective tissue and joints. You will find it a wonderful alternative to your normal massage schedule.

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp495,000

    • Bodyworks Bliss

      The synchronized movement and skills of two therapists working on your body make this a truly unique massage experience.

      1 hour | Rp495,000

    • Back Massage

      A 30 minute treatment to sooth and relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulder areas.

      30 minutes | Rp138,000

    • Foot Massage

      For a soothing alternative to reflexology enjoy our 30-minute foot massage.

      30 minutes | Rp138,000

    • Reflexology

      Reflexology is based on the belief that each body part is represented on the feet and that pressing on specific areas on the feet can have therapeutic effects on other parts of the body. Tender points can be a sign that stress and its effects have begun to accumulate in the corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology aids the release of toxins from the major organs in the body, increases circulation, and improves ones overall health.

      1 hour | Rp266,500

      30 minutes | Rp157,500

    • Pregnancy massage

      This massage is a very gentle massage using side lying pregnancy massage techniques. The first trimester ( initial 3 months) we suggest using our non scent oil only, as for second and third trimester we have a pregnancy safe aromatherapy oil designed to calm and release muscle tension.

      1 hour | Rp295,000

    • Soothing foot treatment

      Relaxing foot scrub, bath soak and massage in the chair with soothing foot balm for relieving sore tired feet or Oedema (water retention) sometimes felt at the end stages of pregnancy.

      30 minutes | Rp138,000

    • Anti-cellulite body scrub

      This is 30 minutes anti cellulite body scrub, enriched with green tea, ginkgo biloba, aloe vera and bamboo. Followed by 10 minutes shower and 20 min body hydration massage. This treatment helps to tone detox and stimulate circulation in cellulite problem areas.

      1 hour | Rp420,000

    • Bodyworks Slimming Wrap and Exfoliation Massage

      This treatment begins with a 30 minutes full body anti-cellulite scrubs enriched with green tea, ginkgo biloba, japanese seaweed and bamboo microbeads. The scrub is buffed off the body with warm towel and detox body mask and serum is applied. The body is then fully wrapped in sarongs to infuse while receiving a 10-minute scalp massage. The mask contains high antioxidant tea extract and french white clay. These active ingredients help to stimulate circulation and detoxify the body. This is showered off followed by a luxurious 50min full body massage and fragrant flower-filled bath

      2 hours | Rp895,000

  • • Waxing• Waxing
    • Bikini Waxing


    • Brazilian Waxing


    • Half leg / Full arm


    • Half arm Waxing


    • Underarm Waxing


    • Back Waxing


    • Chest Waxing


    • Full Leg Waxing


  • • Hair Treatments• Hair Treatments
    • Beliflor Organic Hair Color

      Beliflor organic hair color no ammonia no parabens

      Short Hair | Rp650,000

      Meduim Hair | Rp730,000

      Long Hair | Rp850,000

    • Creambath

      Hair wash followed by a deliciously relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage using a conditioning cream suitable for your hair type. After your massage a special hair steamer is used to infuse the cream into your hair.

      1 hour | Rp209,000

    • Creambath with blow dry

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp275,000

    • L\'Oreal Spa Creambath

      1 hour | Rp247,500

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp311,500

    • Wash and blow dry


    • Hair wash only


    • Wash blow dry and styling


    • Hair cut with styling/ blow dry

      1 hour | Rp209,000

    • Men\'s hair cut


    • Children\'s hair cut


    • Hair Coloring with blow dry

      Short hair | Rp370,000

      Medium hair | Rp439,000

      Long hair | Rp527,000

    • Highlighting with blow dry

      Short hair | Rp511,500

      Medium hair | Rp654,500

      Long hair | Rp715,000

    • Eyelash tinting / Eyebrow tinting


    • Hair Toning

      Toning can refresh your colour and help to knock out brassy tones and green residue caused by chlorine from swimming pools


    • Angel Hair (20 Pcs)


    • Trim only


  • • Hair Mask• Hair Mask
    • Hair Mask

      A deeply intensive hair conditioning treatment for dry, damaged, and color treated hair. This treatment includes a soothing massage for the neck, shoulders and arms.

      Short hair (1 hour) | Rp275,000

      Medium hair (1 hour) | Rp330,000

      Long hair (1 hour) | Rp385,000

  • • Sauna• Sauna
    • Infrared Sauna - An Effortless Way of Detoxifying

      Unlike traditional saunas, the infrared sauna heats through a process called conversion, heating your body instead of the air around you. The infrared sauna produces three times the sweat volume of a traditional sauna. The more we sweat the more toxins are removed. Unlike a traditional sauna, it is still easy to breathe and you leave awakened and fresh instead of drained. The infrared saunas increase the metabolism and blood circulation, reduce joint stiffness and muscle pain, help rejuvenate the skin, boost the immune system and decrease cellulite, just to name a few benefits. A 30 minute session can burn 300 - 600 calories while leaving you relaxed, awakened and rejuvenated.

      1 person | Rp150,000

      2 persons | Rp220,000

      3 persons | Rp240,000

      4 persons | Rp352,000

  • • Make Up• Make Up
    • Make-up

      1 hour | Rp330,000

  • • Bridal• Bridal
    • Bodyworks spa is a beautiful and unique place to experience a day of pre wedding pampering with you and your bridal party We are happy to accommodate group bookings and have services such as bridal make up hair styling and beauty treatments to rejuvenate you for your special day. Bodyworks spa has a newly renovated function space with rooftop garden, bar, salon and couple treatment rooms. Catering and bar facilities can be organised upon request.

      Don't hesitate to inquire further about our bridal packages and services.


      1 hour relaxation massage. Manicure & Pedicure (price difference for Gel and French polish).

      2 hours | Rp594,000

      Add on Gel Polish | Rp352,000

      Add on French Polish | Rp44,000

    • Bridal Express

      30 minutes back massage or 30 minutes foot massage in the chair. Manicure and pedicure (price difference for Gel polish and French polish)

      1 hour 30 minutes | Rp445,500

      Add on for Gel polish | Rp352,000

      Add on for French polish | Rp44,000

    • Mens Bridal

      30 minutes foot or back massage in the chair. Sports manicure.

      1 hour 15 minutes | Rp253,000

      Add on mens haircut | Rp151,800

      Add on sports pedicure | Rp143,000

A goverment tax of 12.5% will be added to your final bill.

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